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Rent-to-Own vs Layaway!


If you are considering getting something – a new smartphone, a new computer, a new washer-dryer or any such product, and don’t have the money right now this instant, Rent-to-Own and Layaway are two major options. But trust us, Rent-to-Own is way better. Especially with Rentdelite.

Nobody likes to wait!

We know no sane person who likes to keep paying money and just wait to bring their product home. Thanks to Rentdelite Rent-to-Own process, simply get approved, sign a rental agreement and schedule a delivery time to get your product to your doorstep.

Flexible Payments options!

With Rentdelite Rent-to-own, pay as you use the product. Like the product? Exercise your early purchase option to buy it right away. Want to keep it within the rental agreement, make periodic payments synchronized to your pay schedule making it that much easier to ensure you are not hit with huge payments without your product in hand.

Rent-to-Own round the clock!

We have a few night owls who decide to Rent a product at 2 or 3 in the morning. And to those we have said, Welcome! Our system is completely online and doesn’t necessarily require you to walk into any store. So when you feel like it, we are here to serve you. Get online, get approved and get going!

Upgrade options!

If you feel that you need a larger TV because the game isn’t just exciting enough, we are here. If you feel, you need a newer laptop because of a faster processor, we are here. Worry not if you have already rented from us. There aren’t any long term commitments so you simply upgrade your existing product to a brand new one!

So why layaway, When you can Rent to Own with Rentdelite! Get approved and get started!

Get Spooked! Must watch Halloween movies!

Halloween Blog

The Conjuring

The Exorcist


A nightmare on Elm Street

The film-watching world can easily be split into two sections: those who enjoy scary movies and those who avoid them at all costs. If you fall into the latter group then you should probably stop reading.

If you are wondering, these are just some of those scary movies that you must get to if watching scary stuff on Halloween is your thing. Most Cable TV operators usually tend to show us all kinds of scary stuff. Watching scary movies on Halloween is as old as well, watching scary movies on Halloween! Gear up, get around to it and cozy up to a scary flick.

And of course, everybody loves movies!

8 Essential Back-to-School Tips for Parents


New school supplies, haircuts, and special end-of-summer outings define the back-to-school routine. There are some other things that parents can do for themselves and their kids to ensure a smooth transition into the school year, too. Take a look below at few ways to get this year off to a great start in your house.

Set up a bedtime and wake-up routine in advance. If possible, it’s best to establish bedtimes and wake-up times two weeks in advance of the start of school. By the time the first school bell rings, kids will already be on the right sleeping schedule and it will be one less worry for your family.

Get to know new teachers. There will be open houses, orientations, and other meet-and-greet options at the beginning of the school year, but none will give you the chance to spend some quality time getting to know your kids’ teachers. Try to find a few minutes before or after school to connect one-on-one with the teachers. At the very least, send an introductory email that includes how you can help during the school year, however big or small.

Plan healthy lunches and snacks. The better you plan out the meals in your home, the healthier choices you will make for your kids. When you pack protein-rich snacks and lunches, balanced with fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome items, you ensure that your children will have the energy and brainpower to make it through their school days.

Organize clothing. Of course you will need to donate or otherwise get rid of the clothing that your kids have outgrown, but you should also take the time to carefully organize what is left. From there, decide what items you may need more of before school begins.

Set up a staging area. Find a central spot to store everything related to school, including backpacks, upcoming outfits, and a dry erase calendar with family schedules. Try to keep this area free of clutter and other non-school items so that you can find what you need, when you need it—and quickly. Have the kids help you stock it with school-related items and keep it clean and functional. Find some inspiration here.

Update medical records. Most schools will let you know if your shot records are out of date, but why not go beyond that? Make sure teachers and administrators have a complete list of any medical concerns regarding your kids, including allergies. You will also want to be sure that all emergency contacts are up to date.

Talk to your kids about bullying. Research shows that one in three kids experience bullying at some point in their school career—and in the increasingly digital world, the consequences can be extreme. Make sure your kids understand the right way to treat their peers, and when to speak up if they see someone else being bullied. Also make sure they know when to come to you if they feel they are being bullied.

Ask your kids about their concerns. The start of school is exciting, but can also bring some anxiety—especially when it comes to the unknown. Take a few minutes to ask your kids what they are most looking forward to during the school year, and what things may be worrying them. By giving them a forum to express their concerns, you can help them work through any worries in advance of school starting and clear up any issues that could lead to a bumpy start to the year.


Unveiling the best Return/Exchange Policy for stress free shopping!!


Lo’ behold another proof of the phrase “time flies”, the Holiday Season is here, ALREADY!!! We know what you are thinking, somewhat like me and most of us thought last Holiday season that when this Holiday season is upon I will be more prepared.

Guess what, it is here - we can smell the Thanksgiving Turkey, we hear the familiar jingles on radio on our drive to work and we see the big lighted snowflakes in the mall. But if you are like me the promise we made ourselves last year just remained that. Now, the Holiday season is upon us and we all feel underprepared, we don’t know what to get for whom, what are things that would make everyone happy and the biggest challenge of all how will we pay for all of that will make our family, friends and loved ones happy.

back to school rentdelite

We know this is the most wonderful time of the year and but if one is underprepared it can also be the most stressful time of the year. So this Holiday Season, you can rely on us at Rent Delite to take the stress out and ensure that it remains the most wonderful time of the year.

Rent Delite brings you a stress free shopping experience get what you want now by making a small initial payment and pay the remaining as you go in weekly, biweekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly Payments. The best part is the most robust return/exchange policy wherein you can exchange the products you bought for any other merchandise of equal of higher value within 30 days during the holiday season by just paying for the shipping cost. What’s even better is that Rent Delite also allows you to return the product or upgrade to a new product any time after 30 days and pay nothing more than the rental price for the 30 days. So, add the fact that Rent Delite brings you thousands of products across various categories so that you can find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list including the most important person, you lo behold you have the most exciting shopping experience for the Holidays when you are shopping for

  • Latest Smartphones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Blu Studio.
  • Wide range of Tablets including Apple iPad, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Microsoft
  • Televisions ranging from the latest in Smart TVs, LED/LCD TVs, 3D TVs, Curved TVs and Ultra 4K HD Tvs across various brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Haier, JVC, Panasonic, Toshiba, Proscan etc.
  • Computers from the trusted Desktop to the latest in All in One and Laptops spread across brands like HP, Dell, Toshiba, Apple Macbooks, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Microsoft, Toshiba etc.
  • Video Games including Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii
  • Audio systems like Beats, Bose, LG, Sony, Crosair
  • Appliances for every need
  • Furniture for every room

Now that we are 6 weeks from Christmas, I hope you can breathe a sigh of relief and shop for each of your loved ones also look out for fabulous Pre-Black Friday Deals and the stupendous Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Sales.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

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