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Rent to Own Electronics Online from Rent delite

Make your home an electronics expert. It’s high time to test and buy the latest equipment. If you are a gadget freak, our rent to own Electronics catalog is your dream destination. If you’re still stuck at the buying high-end technology, our effortless rent-to-own solution shall handhold you through the process of experiencing the latest gadgets.

Rent delite offers a complete one stop shop solution for renting Electronics with an online store. Our e-store offers hassle-free approach to finance wide variety of electronics namely Tablets, TVs, Computers, Phones. We have tailored categories to lease to own for different products to make sure you find something of your taste. Rent to own our extensive collection at Decorate your home with everything you want without leaving the comfort of your chair. We deliver it to your home within 3 to 5 business days. We are a smarter solution for your rent to own requirements. Loved the product you rented? Looking to own it early? Then use our 90-day same as cash feature. We don’t propose longer commitments. Why wait? Rent now. Pay along.

We are open to everyone – regardless of Good Credit or Bad Credit. Our rent to own can be availed even by bad credit holders. There are many products to rent or lease like Tablets, TVs, Computers, Phones. For leasing or renting, what we look for is a customer with a steady employment. We do require a proof of income along with an active debit card or credit card with a bank account. With all these provisions, there is no real reason to wait so just Start renting.

Our lease to own process is unique with no complexity of hidden clauses or secret agreements. We offer you a 12-month long rental contract and you can schedule your payment frequency – Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly. Nonetheless, there is an eligibility criterion for availing our lease to own services. You can check your approval status here.

Didn’t like the product? No problem, just return it! With Rent delite, you don’t need to find yourself in long-term commitments. We allow all product returns after one month of renting or leasing. You can own it within a year by paying the rents or return it to us if you are unsatisfied or the product isn’t useful to you anymore. However, we will thoroughly check the product and the agreements made during the rent to own or lease to own process. You can make use of our hassle-free auto-debit feature by logging-in into your account.

The concept of Rent to own is unique to begin with. Like already mentioned, our business is purely consumer-focused. Here, we make it easy for our users to own anything without piling up credit card bills. Our consumers get to choose from nothing but the best brands, be it Tablets, TVs, Computers, Phones. Our users can even pay early and save on the total cost or drop the payment any time after one month and return the product. Unlike credit cards, we have no complicated terms. A customer looking to own a product but is low on funds is welcome here to rent or lease the product and pay fixed periodical amounts. There are no long-term contracts. We are also flexible on credit reports, while credit cards aren’t. You can stop the payment any time after the first month and return the product, if dissatisfied. There will be no mounting interest with Rent delite, only hassle-free free payments. Why are you still waiting? Move from your wishlist to the cart. Yet to register? Do it Here.

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Thanks for choosing Rent Delite.
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